Thursday, March 8, 2012

The Swing of Swing

Oh swing shift, how I loath thee... I remember back in December just before I made that fateful shift change. I thought it wouldn't be so bad. I could make it work. Nothing would change. I was sadly mistaken. Fast forward to today, March 8, over 2 months later. I sleep most of the day away. My original plan of waking up at 10 lasted about a week. Now I sleep to one or even two o'clock in the afternoon. I leave to work at 3pm and don't get home until 2:30am... The days blur together. My muse wastes away. The outdoors become a memory. My dreams keep me entertained, and I go days without physically speaking to another human outside of work. I feel as if my life has been taken from me and cast into some deep dark abominable pit, and all my attempts to climb free find me losing my grip just as my hand reaches the brink. 

Okay, all overly dramatic comparisons aside, it's not that bad. I'm actually very happy. The point I'm trying to make is that I haven't the time to write or hike much anymore, and it sucks, especially knowing that Spring is right around the corner... I just can't get into the swing of swing.

Okay I can't finish this blog post without leaving you guys a picture. This shot is my cousin Jesse at Glacier Park. I've been screwing around with "black & white" a little bit, and I thought this one turned out pretty not bad.
Glacier National Park
My cousin Jesse with Two Medicine Lake in the background.

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