Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Water Crossings 2

I haven't had to make a serious water crossing since I moved to Arizona, and frankly I miss them. There isn't anything as exciting as fording a freezing cold, fast flowing river.

You may be wondering why Steve only has one pant leg in this picture. He smashed his knee on a rock pretty badly, and it was bleeding all over the place. When we stopped to doctor it up he took his pant leg off, and kept it off for easier access in the future (since the band-aids kept falling off). Plus, he didn't want his pants soaked with blood, being that we were in prime bear country in Montana.

Okay, here we have a semi-serious crossing at Fossil Creek in Arizona. It made for a nice rock-hop.

This photo of Cave Creek is typical of most of the water crossings you have to make in the desert. The water level is low, and the water itself is stagnant.

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