Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Leather Sheath for Mora Knives

Leather sheath for Mora Knives from Self Reliance Outfitters
A few months ago I purchased my first ever Mora knife. As some of you may know, Mora knives are extremely popular in the bushcraft/survival community mainly because they are razor sharp, hold an edge well, and are easy to sharpen in the field. These knives are also very inexpensive compared to what we (or at least I) normally think of as top shelf knives. For example, my 4.1 inch carbon steel fixed blade Mora Companion (shown below) was purchased on Amazon.com for around $14. My last knife purchase before then was a small stainless steel Benchmade 530 folding knife that I paid around $100 for. So the Mora knives are great quality knives, and super inexpensive compared to other brands, and that is undoubtedly another reason why people love them so much.

The problem with Mora knives is the sheath they come with. I've purchased two so far, and both of them came with a real cheapo looking plastic injection molded sheath. Functionality wise, the plastic sheath's work just fine, but to me they just seem... well, cheap. My first thought when I unboxed the Mora Companion was, "I'll have to get a new sheath." And when I gave the Mora Classic Craftsman 612 as a gift to my stepdaughter I felt the need to apologize about the cheap sheath.

Last week I was browsing around the Pathfinder Store at Dave Canterbury's Self Reliance Outfitters (looking at knives of course) and I came across a leather sheath specifically made for Mora Knives which I promptly purchased for $12 (now going for $16)... And finally I've arrived at the whole purpose of this post. I know based off of user reviews and what I've read on discussion boards that as much as people love the Mora knives they hate the Mora sheaths, and so I wanted to make my readers aware that here is an option to significantly upgrade your sheath at what I would consider a very reasonable price. I've only had the sheath for about a week, so this is not a product review by any means, but it certainly appears robust, well made, and just really nice looking, and it holds my Mora Companion safely and securely. According to the website the sheath fits most Mora knives, so if you have one and hate the sheath, definitely give these a look (link below).


Mora Companion with leather Pathfinder sheath
Mora Companion with Mora plastic sheath

Monday, January 20, 2014

Four Peaks Camp-Out

After an insanely busy December in which I finished the year working my ass off instead of doing anything outdoors (other than cleaning up dog shit from the backyard), I finally got a chance for a short wilderness adventure. My buddy Jimbo and I took my stepson Jonah on a camp trip near Roosevelt Lake, sort of in the shadow of The Four Peaks Wilderness. This would be Jonah's very first "man-camp". He's been camping plenty of times before, just never like I camp when it's just me, which is much more minimalist compared to when I'm with my girlfriend Sarah or a big group. I was really worried Jonah would have a miserable time, especially with the overnight lows dipping into the mid-20's. One thing I've learned over the years is that first impressions are extremely important, and this trip could make or break Jonah's interest in the outdoors for the next year or two... Especially if he froze his ass off at night. 

Jonah with slingshot.

Luckily I bought him a slingshot before the trip. Wow, talk about a good investment. That slingshot never left his side. And with a nice sleeping bag (another good investment) and a wool blanket he slept soundly. So all was well with the kid.

The spot we camped in was sort of an oasis in the middle of high-desert foothills. From the outside it appeared all scrub oak (and there was a ton), but our little nook had plenty of cottonwoods and even a strong flowing stream that fed into a nice little pool that would have been a sweet swimming hole in the warmer months.

We had a fun time exploring the area, playing with the slingshot, and even got a little fishing in. I feel bad for Jonah as he has yet to catch any fish every time I take him out. I think I'll take him up to the rim this Spring for some trout fishing, which are much easier to catch than those bastard bass on Roosevelt. But Jonah had a really fun time despite getting skunked at the lake. He wants to go camping with me again. Maybe one of these days I'll take him backpacking.

Jimbo, Jonah, and I.