Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Red Fox

I've been given the opportunity to write some gear reviews from a company out of Russia called Red Fox. They make backpacking and mountaineering equipment, and their store features a wide variety of packs, tents, and down products. They are still fairly new to the U.S. market and their English language North America website is a work in progress. Anyway, just as an introduction I found a really cool news story from The Salt Lake Tribune that goes over Red Fox, their history, equipment, and some of what they hope to accomplish in the United States. I'm really excited to be reviewing some of their gear. I got some today and already climbed a mountain with it, and I was definitely impressed. So, look out for my future gear reviews, and give Red Fox's website a looksee. 

Website (you'll need to use the "translate" feature on your browser... Unless you speak Russian.)

News story from the Salt Lake Tribune

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